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Corporate Websites

Corporate Websites are up to date sites that acts as an essential mode of communication to reach the investors and media. They also convey a message to the target audience. At Ultimate Creators we do a lot of ground work by understanding their requirements before we could provide solutions as per their preferences and choices.

We don't believe in any specific standard for a corporate site and a good corporate website differentiate itself its brand and services from others and hence the requirement for customers built corporate sites arises. Corporate design isn't s site with solid colors and pictures with people in suits, it's about emphasizing the brand with the products.

From the initial meetings to the final delivery of our product, we handle your requirements as a team which includes you, to understand and meet your objectives, creating a fruitful partnership whilst the project is on progress.

On an ongoing basis, our team of account developers helps our clients keep abreast of industry best practice through regular meetings and updates. We host, maintain and update our clients website as part of our service and thanks to our investment in a technology platform designed specifically for corporate communications, we are able to offer our clients outstanding value on a regular basis.

Web Design Company Chennai follows the 4 step model to launch your online website which transcends your business across the globe giving you the edge of e-advantage.

The 4 Step Model includes:

UCA (User Centered Analysis) - Analyzing the target audience, their demographics, their needs and behavioral aspects of your website helps us to meet your website requirements and create quality websites

Design Strategy-After proper analysis, we identify and understand your objectives, marketing aspirations and other critical success factors to accomplish those objectives. A thorough analysis of these data helps us to master the design strategy built around the objectives.

Information Architecture Before we build your design, we implement a decisive plan to incorporate the information and navigation structure. The navigation part is kept as simple as possible and very user friendly intuitive website ensuring a quality and rewarding website experience.

Accessibility The final output is thoroughly tested to ensure the quality of the website and assure the clients of highest accessibility levels. And this includes user disabilities, across a range of browsing environments, speeds and varying operating systems

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